Tax, Legal and Mortgage Advice

When buying something as important as a property, a good advice is of utmost importance

In the purchase process of a property in Spain you have three main steps to comply: 1) Reservation of the property, 2) Purchase contract, 3) Signing of the public deed.  All these steps and respective contracts should be done by a Spanish lawyer of your free selection, who also gives you the entire legal and fiscal advice.  For the clients who buy with us, we can recommend high professional and experienced lawyers in the region who also are able to assist you in your own language. As part of our personalised service, we additionally give continuous support during all these steps with the lawyer, we provide a professional financial advice and put you in contact with local and international banks, if necessary.


In the selling price of a property extra costs and taxes are not included.  As a general guide, when buying a residential property in Spain you should account for about ±12-13% (resale vs. new build) of the purchase price as extra costs, which include:

  • Transfer Tax: Between 8 and 10% on the total purchase price for resale properties or 10% VAT for new projects
  • Notary fees and taxes: ±2%
  • Spanish lawyer fees: ± 1.0-1,2%

In order to protect your interests, it is therefore fundamental that you engage the services of a good lawyer in Spain to buy a property in Spain who will advice you how to pay these extra costs. Our recommended lawyers and tax experts who are fluent in French, Dutch, English and Spanish are able to advice you in the acquisition of a property based on your needs (in your private name, jointly with your spouse and/or children or through a national or foreign company, etc.).  To be able to buy and sign all these contracts, before the purchase the lawyer verifies whether all of these legal and tax aspects of the property are in order and take care of all the administrative procedures such as:

  • Applying for the Foreign Identification Number – NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero)
  • Assistance with the transfer of funds
  • Tax payments
  • Registration of the property in the Land Registry
  • Checking building licence (licencia de obra) and/or first occupation licence (licencia de primera ocupación)
  • Change of title holder
  • Any other services that might be necessary

The Spanish lawyer will also assist with the opening of a Spanish bank account, arranging contracts with the local utility companies and informing the Community of Owners that you are the new owner, among other important matters.